How to ride your skate

1 ° The grip:

The grip is the gripping surface above the skate. To ask to vote yourself, it’s really not hard.
To begin, detach a small part of the grip for glued on one of the two ends of the skate (CAD tail or nose). Apply well so that the grip is straight (parallel) on your skateboard. So, once the first little part is glued, remove progressively the protective paper that is underneath at the same time as you stick the grip little by little. Once fully glued, take a tool (any, but sturdy) to pass it on the ends of the board so that the grip takes more or less its shape (white trace). Once done, cut your grip with a cutter along the white line. And here you are, with your nice stiff board 🙂 Good luck!

2 ° The trucks:

After sticking your grip, you should not have any holes on your board. It is therefore necessary to make the necessary holes on the grip (which are already on the board) to screw the trucks. For that, provide you with the screws that will be used to screw the trucks. One by one, press firmly on the grip at the location of the holes, to break the grip.
You must now have all the screws in the holes. You just have to slide the trucks on and screw the bolts strongly.

3 ° Wheels and bearings:

3a. Inserting bearings into the wheels:

To insert the bearings in the wheels (2 bearings per wheel) here’s how: Put a bearing on the small axis for the location of the wheel, then put the wheel and press it for the bearing to enter. Then remove it, put the second bearing on the truck, turn your wheels over and do the same. To repeat for all the wheels. You end up with your 4 wheels with their 2 bearings each.

3b. Inserting the wheels on the trucks:

It’s very simple, put the wheels on the small axes, then screw enough with the bolts so that the wheel does not have games, but not too much so that it can roll!

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